FAIR Campaigns

Every year and for two-weeks, thousands across Europe unite efforts to stamp out discrimination from football at grassroots, amateur and professional level and through their interventions promote the game as a tool for social inclusion, social development and empowerment.

The heightened support of football international stars and groups beyond Europe is helping the movement grow rapidly and become increasingly global.

In 2015, over 2,000 activities took place in 67 countries across Europe and beyond (Kenya, Brazil, Mexico, Saint Lucia, South Africa, the United States and Vietnam).

Nearly 100,00 people were reached through Fare financial support to groups.

More than 231 matches, tournaments and football camps were organised during the period, with many more activities bringing colour to stadiums, creating national and local debates on issues around discrimination, promote co-existance and diversity and addressing prejudices.

A total of 199 professional clubs joined the campaign, which was also backed by 17 Football Associations, 12 professional leagues and three players’ unions. 52 UEFA Euro qualifiers and 40 Champions League and Europa League matches were dedicated to the Football People weeks, reaching thousands across the globe.


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