Kivotos – Elpida is active in the voluntary sector, contributing socially and culturally to the society of Limassol.  Volunteers and members of the association organize events that contribute not only to the mental but also to the physical coaching of participants. Kivotos – Elpida is a member of “FARE – Football Against Racism” and also is a member of the Network “European Map of Intergenerational Learning” Additionally, Kivotos – Elpida participates in the project “Women Understanding Women”, which is a European Project, approved in 2010 under the Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Programme with an execution period of 24 months, and commenced in October 2010. The project’s aims were to bring together women from across Europe and provide them with a safe and non-judgmental space in which to share their backgrounds, cultures, traditions, values, aspirations and fears.  Also, we participate in a Senior Volunteering Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Programme called “Empowering Youth Through Art” where individuals over 50 years old offer voluntary work with youngsters for a three-week period abroad.

Our organization has experience on subjects of stress management, anger management, work-life balance, recognition and expression of emotions. We also run groups for enhancing communication skills and developing constructing ways of interacting.